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I’m a widow and I also discovered I’m dating a married guy

He said these were divided, but I don’t think that’s true now. Am I able to keep seeing him?

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Q. Dear Meredith,

I will be a widow whom went off with all the very first guy whom looked I was still a teenager at me when. Forty years later on, I’m dating for the very first time. I’ve been pursued by a married guy for significantly more than a 12 months. He invested the very first nine months assuring me personally he was divided. He also brought us to their house showing me personally just just exactly how they’ve lived totally split life for the very last ten years. Because of monetary dilemmas, he relocated back in the reduced degree of the family home. we don’t think him any longer. I think he’s a married guy cheating.

I will be lonely. My counselor claims this man can be kept by me as being a “boy toy” while we continue steadily to try to find somebody. Now I’m dating online. But I’ve just felt chemistry with this particular married guy. We don’t have actually the dilemma of males maybe maybe not being interested; I are the main one who says, “I’ve enjoyed your organization, yet we have been maybe perhaps not really a match.”

Could you advise that we continue steadily to see this guy? We don’t want to just just take some body else’s partner away.

A. Your therapist suggested you to definitely continue steadily to see this guy? That surprises me personally. I’m going to possess to disagree with that opinion that is professional.

We don’t think it’ll be feasible for you to definitely connect with a brand new individual if 99.9 per cent of one’s brain is with this married man. Continue reading