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If You’re The Main One – The Chinese Dating Game Show (Take Me Out)

As brutal once the girls could be, I similar to exactly how direct these are typically. They appear fairly seriously interested in vetting these guys and so aren’t shy about asking some pretty blunt concerns. I am baffled most of the time regarding the reasons they turn of their lights (whenever showing the video regarding the prospect’s buddies, one time the friends were like, “He’s a reputable guy and genuine buddy!” and a number of lights blinked out.), but i have seen them get down seriously to two while the guy rejects her as well.

The tales may also be compelling for a few of these. I happened to be so happy with the lady that has no arms when she rejected the man who picked her on the first episode. Bravo





We stopped watching the British version once I found me angry out it was as fake as professional wrestling and the show would get. It had been shit that is stupid:

“We have a masters in biochemistry”

“we prefer to work out”

“I adore my mother”

Shit got me annoyed, it had been significantly comforting comprehending that the girls were forced to select some methods for activity nevertheless the show annoyed me.



Cow Mengde


My moms and dads watches this shit. This really is creepy. This is the reason guys that are chinese their stigma.





I stopped watching the British variation whenever I found out it was since fake as professional wrestling additionally the show would get me personally angry. Continue reading