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Strategies for Christian Singles – God’s Will for the Love Life

By Nikki Weatherford

As a survivor and graduate for the solitary life, i’ve met and conquered most of the typical battles that include singleness. It really is nature that is human want companionship and closeness, but there is however the right and wrong method to pursue these desires. As Christians, Jesus should always be our main concern and our main consultant. It really is whenever we ignore their wisdom, and place focus more about the globe than on our daddy that things commence to unravel.

Anytime our lives become out of action using what is the “norm”, our company is inundated with well-intentioned advice. “You should date more. You should date less. Make an attempt a blind date. Think about a dating show? Are you currently on E-Harmony? I’ve got this friend…. Perhaps you should change your appearance.” The situation the following isn’t the advice; it’s the supply.

I recall singleness and exactly how lonely it made life from time to time. Particularly around those couples that are disgusting require slobbering all over one another right prior to you. Continue reading