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Filipino Rural ladies and their challenge for land legal rights

Within an agricultural country like the Philippines, landlessness means massive poverty and hunger. The majority of Filipino peasants remain landless despite the Philippine government’s three-decade–old agrarian reform program. Even even Worse, the problematic agrarian reform system itself has been used to perpetuate the monopoly of landlords and big corporations. Meanwhile, neoliberal restructuring and plunder under globalisation further aggravates the issue of landlessness.

The Filipino peasants nonetheless, have a long reputation for battle with their directly to secure and resources. They will have braved repressions, killings, and massacres within their battle for land, livelihood and liberties.

Rural women have actually a vital part in this battle. Underneath the advertising of teams such as for instance AMIHAN, a nationwide company of peasant feamales in the Philippines, rural women can be in the centre of forging unity amongst peasants and play a number one role when you look at the fight for land.

Marcianita Doroha Philippines

Considering that the 12 months 2000, 72 year-old Marcianita is the spokeperson for the Sunflower Farmers Organization, that has been created to simply help farmers like her to fight because of their right to land.

Their company has 300 users whom be determined by a 68-hectare agricultural land for subsistence. The stated land has been targeted by A chinese organization. “Our livelihood and survival count on our land. We can not manage to lose it, ” Marcianita claims. Continue reading