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Future work with Elle:Work regarding the Elle system is ongoing

a lot of the brand new work is on a successor to Elle called Gazelle (nevertheless at a tremendously very very early stage) that aims to construct a far more flexible system, using the classes learned from building Elle.

Goals of Gazelle are the after (in approximate order of concern, even though this is at the mercy of modification):

  1. Including support that is new higher-level languages with bigger individual bases in comparison with LLL, such as for example Vyper.
  2. More thorough proofs of correctness of this frontends supporting these languages that are high-level.
  3. Integration with all the K Semantics Framework as well as its concept of EVM.
  4. Supporting switch instruction machines that are sets/virtual such as for example eWASM.

Along with these goals for the compiler itself, you want to build system logics together with it. These are tools that leverage Elle/Gazelle’s formal semantics make it possible for (more) convenient reasoning for doing proofs during the level that is source-code. These tools is just like the Verified Software Toolchain (VST) task, which includes built tools along these lines together with CompCert that will interactively be used to validate C programs.

Terms of Caution

The Elle system should not (yet) be considered production-ready for the following two reasons although the core of Elle has been formally verified to produce correct code

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