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Survivor: Jeff Probst on ‘the most frightened I’ve experienced all my time’ regarding the show


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Every week, host Jeff Probst will respond to a few pre-determined questions in regards to the episode that is latest of Survivor: Kaoh Rong.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Okay, a great deal to reach with this specific triple hazard situation that is medical. I suppose begin by walking us through the chaos as participants started dropping like flies and also you all had been being forced to find out to deal with multiple emergencies that are medical.

JEFF PROBST: When one thing uncommon occurs on Survivor, I’m experiencing it simultaneously from three various but complementary points of view: Executive producer, host, and market. According to the situation, one will rule within the other. Debbie took place first. When some body goes it was clearly a very hot day so from a host point of view I made the call to bring in medical and have them check on her down it’s concerning and. It had been possible because her tribe had already finished generally there wasn’t any such thing on the line for them. Had she been down while her tribe ended up being nevertheless battling, we most likely could have stopped the process until we’re able to ascertain her condition. As we knew Debbie wasn’t in just about any sort of life threatening risk and also the physicians guaranteed me that they’d it in check and she will be fine, we felt comfortable switching my attention back once again to the task. Continue reading