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Chase car Preferred is just a concierge car buying service tailored to customers who desire an even more shopping that is enjoyable at a dealer

What’s Chase Car Preferred?

Chase car Preferred provides pricing that is discounted brand new and utilized vehicles and a Concierge who can walk with you through the automobile buying procedure.

Exactly just What must I expect into the Chase Auto Preferred process?

When you provide your email address, you may expect your Chase car Preferred Concierge, that is a dealership worker aimed at being the single point of contact for Chase Auto Preferred clients, to make contact with you.

After that, you may expect that:

  • Your Chase car Preferred Concierge through the dealership will facilitate and walk with you throughout your purchase procedure
  • You’ll receive Chase car Preferred discounted rates communicated during the dealership
  • You’ll timing that is receive location freedom for road test and trade-in assessment

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