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We suffer with this condition. I operate in the medical care industry and have always been usually in the middle of those who chew and/or pop/crack their gum. I’ve had the hard, usually embarrassing, conversation about my condition times that are many no avail. The gum continues that are chewing.

Do you agree it really is unprofessional to chew gum on the job? How can I make individuals appreciate this is a genuine condition that triggers me personally real discomfort and duress? ENDURING WHEN YOU LOOK AT THE WEST.DEAR SUFFERING: i must concur that gum on the job is both ugly and unprofessional. Into the interest of complete disclosure, We confess i am bad associated with criminal activity. Before we condemn anyone for consuming, chewing, yawning, foot tapping, etc., permit me to explain that the perfect solution is to your condition can be because straightforward as sound canceling headphones. Continue reading