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WIFE CLASS PETITION: turn off of BOTH Rokisha Eloris Cutno sites.

Rokisha Eloris Cutno has asian brides sought after for several years to victim on and make use of gents and ladies who had been just seeking to assist their own families, through her $30,000 spouse college system that she’s got utilized to obtain rich. With this time she has dealt cash underneath the dining table, masking her company as a household run donation spot to have rich. She’s got guaranteed individuals courses and items that she failed to deliver after gathering cash from her clients. She’s got deactivated her users courses which they have actually compensated their wages for then forcing over and over repeatedly to give you her with evidence which they paid, she’s obstructed numerous people and run down along with their cash once they have actually supplied this evidence. She’s sat on items that men and women have covered, for days and frequently months. She’s got run down along with her users money when they have actually expected her to give them whatever they taken care of, after which ranting on social media marketing about how precisely she doesn’t care that an individual has compensated her that she’ll block them when they make an effort to obtain services and products if they want to buy, because everybody is on her behalf time. Continue reading