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Concubine by Captive A concubine’s virginity is taken whenever this woman is obligated to be intercourse slave.

Concubine by Captive A concubine’s virginity is taken whenever she actually is forced become intercourse slave. (MF, nc, v, d/s, 1st, dental, bd)

Conference nudelive sex chat, The by ZeroFucksGiven Two seminar attendees cave in to their wish to have the other person. (MF, bd) component 2 component 3

Confessions by Wiley06 this is actually the tale of 1 guy’s lineage to the realm of white slavery, where he trains ladies with regards to their lives that are new. (MF, nc, bd)

Connecticut Bitch in Torquemada’s Court by Hornster a lovely, rich girl, who abuses guys all her life, is changed after fulfilling a stranger and undergoes the tortures for the Inquisition. (MF, mc, v, tort)

Construction Workers’ Slave by Maritimesub A twenty two 12 months old college child is taken by two gay construction team males and used as their sex servant within a week-end of humiliation and distribution. (MM/M, nc, rp, v, dental, anal, bd) Part 2

Contractor, The by Shayla This adventure took place while we nevertheless lived in Washington State, doing work for a biotech business here. (MF, bd, rom)

Convent, The by Doghead_2000 A violent tale of this sacking of a convent, and of the rape, torture and murder of this nuns as a result of the foriegn knights. (M+/F+, nc, rp, v, bd, tor, sn)

Converting Rachel by MercySlayer Rachel awoke Friday morning willing to begin her journey to your church into the next county. She had been familiar with these weekend that is occasional. Rachel ended up being married to a fundamentalist minister and a preacher’s spouse had been anticipated to see area churches. Rachel and John have been hitched for two decades and also the marriage produced four kiddies, now grown and on their particular. At forty four, she felt she seemed very good. And thus did team of males she’d never came across before. (M+/F, bdsm, nc)

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