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Each and every day she was gaining more control over me personally and I also had been getting increasingly submissive. It mightn’t be a long time before I became her complete dedicated servant.

“enough with my locks Timmy, i do believe i want a complete human anatomy therapeutic massage before you website my ass tonight” she grinned and endured up and wandered to her bed.

“sure honey” we responded, we liked massaging my spouse, it could be good to obtain a therapeutic massage in exchange since my muscle tissue tended to ache a great deal after setting up a complete time at work after which coming house to do my maid duties but Jill had never provided me personally one and I also wasn’t keeping my breathing.

We went along to get the cream it fall to the floor knowing I would pick it up momentarily as she slipped her robe off letting. She ended up being therefore gorgeous laying on the belly from the sleep totally nude.

We began at her throat and arms and worked my means down her human anatomy really gradually. An average therapeutic massage for her lasted about one hour and my arms tended to start cramping by enough time i eventually got to her gorgeous soft foot.

“ahhh, which was actually nice Timmy, i do believe i have got you trained as a very nearly perfect masseur. ” she giggled softly

It had been real, after months of her telling me personally precisely how she liked my arms to go for each part of her nearly perfect human anatomy she no further had to state a term, she simply relaxed and enjoyed the therapeutic therapeutic massage.

“okay Timmy, sufficient using the arms now let us put that tongue working shall we” she giggled once more she said made my tonguing more pleasurable for her as she slid a pillow under her mid section which raised her ass some which.

This nevertheless had not been certainly one of my personal favorite tasks that I was actually licking someone’s asshole, it just seemed so degrading but Jill preferred this over having her pussy licked although she liked both very much as I just couldn’t get over the fact. Continue reading