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Nigerian Militant Group Threatens to market K By editor • May 6, 2014


This will be MORNING EDITION from NPR Information. I Am Renee Montagne.


And I Also’m Steve Inskeep. Morning good.

UNIDENTIFIED PEOPLE: We want our girls. We would like our girls. We would like our girls. We wish our girls.

INSKEEP: we would like our girls, the chant of Nigerians outraged on the known proven fact that as much as 276 girls are nevertheless lacking, three months when they had been abducted from a boarding college. Yesterday, the group that is militant Haram stated duty when it comes to mass kidnapping.

We are going to mention this with Mannir Dan Ali, that has been after this tale. He is the editor-in-chief associated with regular rely upon Abuja, Nigeria. He is regarding the line after that.

Welcome to the system, sir.

MANNIR DAN ALI: many thanks quite definitely.

INSKEEP: could it be roughly understood, at the very least, where Boko Haram is holding these a lot more than 200 girls, ladies?

ALI: Well, you might state that they’re someplace into the part that is northeastern of. And so they is also someplace in Chad and Cameroon. It really is now Day 22 associated with abduction, nobody is clear on that has them until yesterday when Boko Haram really stated obligation. But due to the duration of time, no body can be certain of where precisely they truly are. Continue reading

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