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What direction to go Whenever: Winter Break Separates You & The Hookup Buddy

Which means you’ve been setting up with similar man or woman all semester, nothing official, however now it is Christmas time break and also you left things for a semi-awkward note.

Perchance you connected one time that is last break, perchance you didn’t even say goodbye, but either way, you’re aside from your HUB (hookup buddy) and you’re not sure the way you feel about this.

You will find a huge amount of things going right on through the head now, therefore let’s address the absolute most pressing dilemmas to help ease that sinking feeling in your belly.

1. You’re paranoid he/she is setting up with another person in the home.

Considering that the both of you are not founded, theoretically he or she is absolve to do whatever when it comes to of break, but then again, so are you month.

It really is entirely feasible that you’re both feeling exactly the same way, but neither one of you really wants to end up being the first to say this.

How exactly to contract:

As opposed to wanting to reduce the chances of emotions of paranoia, take to sending him/her a text and let em’ know they’re on your mind.

You don’t have actually to be dramatic, but an easy text every day or two (or everyday if you’re therefore inclined) is sufficient to let your HUB understand that you haven’t forgotten about him/her and hopefully the sensation is shared. Continue reading