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We seen automobile stop right at the part of 35th and Robey…

Lena Lenocker, A german us woman (testifying in a lawsuit): we seen an automobile stop right at the part of 35th and Robey now Damen and I also seen a guy log off with a tool upper body, and I also saw a mob after him. And because they handed down, we seen it absolutely was Mr. Grimes, and additionally they chased him plus they hollered, “Get him! Get him! There’s a darky! Get him!” we seen him stumble — sufficient reason for that we go in to the household and call up for the patrol. And they had killed him as I came out, why, somebody said.

A black 31-year-old Chicago native who worked at a clothing store and moonlighted as a piano tuner, survived the attack as it turned out, her neighbor James G. Grimes. Beaten and shot into the mind, Grimes, who was simply hitched along with a 1-year-old son, had been kept blind.

O.W. McMichael, a part associated with the jury that is coroner’s in its report): Ninety % regarding the crowds were simple fascination seekers. The tiny, vicious element, finding shelter when you look at the excited crowds, discovered reason to vent their impulses to rob and destroy, then separate and conceal within the crowds or slink away.

Chicago Commission on Race Relations:

Usually the “sightseers” as well as those contained in the nucleus did perhaps perhaps not know why they’d taken component in crimes, the viciousness of that has been maybe perhaps not obvious in their mind until later. With minds currently made by rumors circulating anywhere crowds collected, it had been very easy to arouse action. A streetcar approaching and also the cry, “Get the niggers!” had been enough. Counter-suggestion had not been tolerated if the mob ended up being rampant. An indicator of clemency was shouted down utilizing the epithet that is derisive “Nigger fan!”

Edward Dean Sullivan, a journalist created in Connecticut, had found its way to the town to start out a task during the Chicago Herald and Examiner in the same way the riot ended up being breaking away. Continue reading