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Exactly what are some warning flag females should look out for in guys? just Exactly What do guys within their 30’s and 40’s look out for in ladies?

1. Failure to simply take ‘no’ for a solution.

2. ‘Loan sharking'; holds favors over the head or suggests that you ‘owe’ him.

3. Too little persistence between deed and word.

4. Talks extremely defectively of other people or treats other badly.

5. Everybody in their past appears to be either crazy or an asshole.

exactly What do guys in their 30’s and 40’s look out for in females?

I’m 47. We try to find a woman +/- 5 years, smart, adventurous and funny. At our age all of us possess some psychological luggage, but security and deficiencies in drama is pretty necessary. I don’t feel a washing selection of demands is just a healthier option to look for someone. Never ever underestimate chemistry.

just What standard of cleverness would you look out for in the ladies you date?

I would like her foolish adequate to think heading out beside me is a good clear idea

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