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Use double spacing & hanging indentation on a works cited page, unless your trainer needs otherwise.

Arrange the items in your works cited page alphabetically by writer. If no writer is given, start with the title.

Abbreviate the names of most months except might, June, and July.

Only range from the Address in the event that citation information might maybe not lead visitors towards the source. It should follow the date of access, a period, and a space if you include an URL. Enclose it in angle brackets you need to include a duration by the end. The URL will not have to be necessarily on a single line. You can easily split the Address after a forward slash ( / ). Don’t use a hyphen after the slash that is forward.

Books & Short Stories


Author’s final name, author’s name that is first. Title associated with the Book. Host to publication: Publisher, date of publication. Moderate.

Morrison, Toni. A Mercy. Nyc: Knopf, 2008. Print.


Author’s final name, author’s first name. Title of this Book. Host to book: Publisher, date of book. Continue reading