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Resources. Opportunities concerning Francis Cooke’s beginning consist of Gides hallway, Essex, or perhaps Blyth, Nottinghanshire, as Yorkshire (western), England, and/or certain field near Norwich, England

  1. ^ 1.01.1#S1 Your Log of this Mayflower.
  2. ^ opportunities of Francis Cooke’s beginning offer Gides hallway, Essex, as Blyth, Nottinghanshire, as Yorkshire (west), England, or even the certain region over Norwich, England. About resources concur although he may have been Waloon, as his wife Hester was that he was probably born in England. Additionally it is likely which he originated in Leiden. Your of his birth seems most likely 1582 or 1583, based on references in contemporary records year. includes a Francis Cooke christened may five, 1582 inside Leiden, Zuid, Holland, with out a source that is primary placed in their merged pages had been Richard or perhaps Edward Cooke to Alice Caunton otherwise Elizabeth Nichols.
  3. ^ Erfgoed Leiden durante Omstreken Bron: Bronvermelding NH Ondertrouw E. Mei 1602: oktober 1604., archiefnummer 1004, Nederlands Hervormd Ondertrouw (1575-1795), inventarisnummer five, blad Ag Ag E: 069v Gemeente: Leiden Periode: 1602-1604 doop-, trouw- dentro de begraafregister Soort registratie: DTB Marriage-Trouwen 1604 Plaats: Leiden Inventarisnummer 5 van archiefnummer 1004 in Archieven june
  4. ^ each associated with wittnesses into the betrothal had been Waloon, suggesting your Francis might have in addition become a Waloon.
  5. ^ this given insight originates from each “Silver guide” to at NEHGR Vol. 143 p. 571. Continue reading