BWURRA VUSUVUS possibly Epinephelus sexfaciatus (Valenciennes), six?banded grouper

SCORPAENIDAE (SCORPIONFISHES) Lionfishes, people in the new genus Pterois are known as WARUGAR. The name is the fact from a type of woven, decorated female’s top and you will refers to the colorful elongate fin spines of the lionfishes. Another title because of it classification try RARIWORONG which is also the title off a tree of which drug is ready to relieve lionfish stings. tonefish, and you will different relevant fish are known as REYU. Title means “lazy” and you can refers to the sedentary models of those types.

APOGONIDAE (CARDINALFISHES) HAUBORAP, your family title to have cardinalfishes, mode “zero (particular) hook” and you may refers the convenience away from catching these types of brief seafood towards one variety of link.

SERRANIDAE (GROUPERS) BWURRA is the term to have a type of bottom fishing playing with numerous hooks for every single range and you may refers to a small grouping of predominantly red serranids which can be among the many seafood tend to caught with this approach. HARI means, broadly, “takes one lure” and you can refers to a small grouping of multiple?colored serranids (and additionally BWURRA). NGENGIT means “out-of branching coral” and you may refers to the environment of your own BWURRAFANGENGIT. VUSIVUS literally function “stone,” however,, by inference, setting “light,” once the all stones to your Tobi are out of red coral source and therefore white; it therefore is the white spots on BWURRA VUSUVUS. CHORIONG means “red,” HOCHT function “black colored,” MERONG loosely, form “always bites,” and you can RAPATCHIMAR function “big head.” RUHUNO function “beyond your reef where the waves split” and you can refers to the habitat of a lot unfamiliar varieties all of the identified once the HARI RUHUNO. YEHUNG mode “purple decoration” and you may describes numerous not known varieties. YECHOR mode black.

HAUGUS, broadly translated, function “vacuum” and you can makes reference to people grouper more than three legs much time. (The ability of high groupers so you can “inhale” their sufferer, along with actually, reputedly, hapless scuba divers, was epic regarding warm Pacific.) MAHAHAPU, title off a not known variety, means “half-dark cheek.” Guy WARU HOH setting “creature living in coral.” FOREPEE is the term of one or higher types of red so you’re able to yellow serranid. BWURRAFANENGIT probably Epinephelus fasciatus (Forskal), black?tipped grouper. BWURRA WAYCHOKONG-Variola louti (Forskal), ( ? ) HARI CHOR maybe Cephalopholis pachycentron (Valenciennes), brown­banded grouper. HARI CHORIONG-Epinephelus sp. HARI HOCHT-Epinephelus tauvina (Forskal) ( ? ) HARI MERONG-Cephalopholus cyanostigma (Valenciennes), blue-watched grouper. HARI MUGGAH probably Epinephelus merra Bloch, honeycomb grouper. HARI RAPATCHIMAR most likely Epinephelus megachir (Richardson), long-finned grouper. HARI YECHOR possibly Epinephelus australis (Castelnau), white-watched grouper. Boy WARUHOCH or HAMATSIWO probably Cephalopholis urodelis (Bloch and you will Schneider), flattailed grouper. MAHAHAPO-Cephalopholis coatesi Whitley, freckled grouper.

TEMAUR BOUR-Grammistes sexlineatus (Thunberg), six-covered perch

ANTIDAE (Water PERCHES) FOTORIMAR form “such as for example a guy” and you may is the strong fight this fish puts upwards whenever hooked. FOTORIMAR-Anthias huchti Bleeker, Hucht’s water perch.

KYPHOSIDAE (RUDDERFISHES) The household term to own rudderfishes try This lady. HERISONOBOI-Kyphosus cinerascens (Forskal) and perhaps also Kyphosus lembus (Cuvier), rudderfish HERIMUROU-Kyphosus vaigiensis (Quoy & Gaimard), rudderfish.

CARANGIDAE (JACKS) I’d significant difficulties in the trying to match various Tobian names for carangids with sort of variety

LOBOTIDAE (TRIPLETAILS) FAUMER form “drifting.” This fish is seen hanging inactive, usually on the the side, around drifting logs. FAUMER-Lobotes surinamensis (Bloch), dusky multiple tail.

ECHENEIDAE (REMORAS) CHERA ‘s the relatives label to own remora that’s title put on a female which dotes for the a man and will not assist your of the lady attention. It refers to the habit of remoras from pursuing the directly otherwise actually staying with big seafood. Remoras observed in team regarding whales have been called CHERAR PAHO.

CHEP ‘s the general title having short jacks. YEB is the name from a variety of solid fishing range and you can describes an elongate jack that will get “very large.” While they are quick, YEB are known as TANGITENGINAM, meaning that “weeping sound,” writing on the newest audio they generate whenever stuck. TETTER was a not known, slender-bodied jack. Title is the fact made available to the action off pulling in loose fishing range and describes it fish’s practice of powering for the kayak when hooked. MAMUCHIH are a little, slender-bodied jack tend to included in business having rainbow athletes outside the reef. RAHUNG relates to numerous types of deep-bodied, round-went jacks. FOFO means “breadfruit flower” that can relate to that products associated with fish together with breadfruit had been always made to new gods out-of Tobi. Very large specimens out of FOFO have been called FOFORIMETAU.

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