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How does everyone hate Read Receipts? We did some extensive research to discover.

Nov 4, 2016 В· 6 min read

Study receipts, such as that familiar blue double-tick on WhatsApp or timestamp on iMessage, will be the item of lots of frustration. All over the net complaining about the feature at least we know this anecdotally — and there are blogs and articles. Yet my research parter Teis and I also could maybe not find any educational research on the function. Interesting. Therefore we went on a mission for more information.

We did 11 semi-structured inte r views to at first find out of the habits of behavior, emotions and attitudes surrounding Read Receipts. These findings had been translated into a survey that was finished by 108 pupils during the University of Copenhagen. Perhaps not massive figures, but large enough to say something interesting . (You are welcome to always check out of the study outcomes right here.)

Meeting participants talked about an message that is opened producing “social anxiety,” “speculation,” and even “fear” when they’re waiting around for a reply. Within our study the number that is largest of participants choose that feeling ignored (35%) as best representing the way they feel whenever a note happens to be marked read rather than reacted too. Continue reading