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Olivia Munn’s Ultra Dirty Alleged Naked Pics: ‘Lick Simple Tight Arsehole and Choke Us’

Olivia Munn and Christina Hendricks both suffered apparent hacks this weekend, generating the discharge of topless photo of both. We are going to arrive at Christina in a separate blog post; 1st, why don’t we mention Olivia’s NSFW nudes, that are simply the filthiest celeb nudes to date.

Christina Hendricks Denies The Girl Bountiful Bare Chest Are Websites Movie Stars

You realize you have made they in Hollywood an individual hacks your own telephone or releases alleged nude

Munn hasn’t directly refused the images become hers, though she performed jokingly write off all of them on Twitter. The images aren’t significantly filthier than we have now viewed prior to, however the sadomasochistic demands Olivia evidently superimposed onto each visualize become. Text about above series of PG-13 photographs reads,

Various other images include arrows pointing at bent-over images of alleged Olivia Munn’s crotch.

Were these photos truly of Olivia, and so are those the lady words? Evidence for:

  • The PG-13 photos appear to be Olivia. The red bikini picture seems to be behind-the-scenes from her January 2010 Maxim address.
  • If photographs come from the time of this lady 2010 Maxim, it’s correct that Olivia could have been datingStar trip star Chris Pine during the time.
  • Olivia regularly tweets photo modified with text and arrows on Skitch, alike system that has been regularly place text and arrows on these pictures.
  • More pseudo-exegetical analysis from Munniacs can be found here.
  • Olivia’s tweeted a reaction to the photos: “should you ever hacked my personal cellphone, they are the photographs you had select,” with pictures of a fat kid and kitten.

In the event the photo include genuine, is the appearance online the work regarding the celebrity unclothed hacker ring presently experiencing court? Star hacker professional Adrian Chen claims both most well-known celeb hackers Christopher Chaney, whom pleaded not liable to hacking Scarlett Johansson, and DeepAtSea, who he interviewed are not web any longer. Continue reading