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4 There Are A Lot Of Weird Psychological Mechanisms At Play

There’s a reason the post-breakup woman in every movie is found clutching a pint of ice cream along with a wad of snotty tissues — food will always love you, and you can come to rely on it as much as any vice

But no matter how bitchin’ you might turbo-charge that Rascal scooter, not being able to get around on your own is still kind of a bummer.

“For me, sugar has been like alcohol is for other people,” Rachel says. “It really goes right to my pleasure center. Interestingly enough, I’m in the process of establishing a good pain management system, because I have a lot of pain issues, and when I’m on pain medication, I don’t crave sugar as much. It’s like it hits that dopamine center.”

When you’ve already got addiction issues — as the two-pack-a-day-smoking, video-game-junkie Rachel clearly does — it’s one more obstacle to smash your metaphorical genitals into. Rachel started out as a relatively thin kid, but a traumatic experience in sixth grade led her to seek emotional relief from sweet lady pizza. “I would be upset, and then I would eat a pie or order a large pizza and eat that by myself,” she says, although she adds that “I don’t really do that anymore.”

Rachel’s case is an interesting one. Continue reading