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5. Men cheat because they choose to

They likely don’t know how to ask for intimacy (not JUST sex), or if they do ask, they don’t know how to do it in such a way that connects with the woman, which answers why do men lie and cheat.

So, the man then looks for a cheap substitute to soothe his needs and desires for intimacy.” Greg Griffin Pastoral Counselor

Cheating is the manifestation of unresolved issues not dealt with, a void that is unfulfilled, and the inability to fully commit to the relationship and his partner.

Husband cheating on wife is not something that happens. It is a choice that the husband has made. There is no justified explanation for why men cheat. Dr. Lawanda N. Evans Counselor

6. Men cheat due to selfishness

Such as: “Grass is greener,” feeling desired, the thrill of the conquest, feeling trapped, unhappiness, etc. Underneath all those reasons and others, it is pretty simple, selfishness.- the selfishness that hampers commitment, the integrity of character, and honoring another above self.” Sean Sears Pastoral Counselor

7. Men cheat due to lack of appreciation

“While there are numerous stated reasons, one theme that runs through them for men is the lack of appreciation and attention .

Many men feel they work hard for their families. They internalize their emotions, and can feel they have been doing much and not receiving enough in return. Continue reading

5 Private Messaging Apps That Don’t Want Their Contact number

Your satisfied individuals on Tinder, and you desires to be in touch for a while. you you should never believe in them enough to share their Fb otherwise WhatsApp matter. Luckily, you will find messaging apps which do not require you to express your own amount.

Believe it or not, speak apps that do not ask for your amount are not just having bad guys otherwise shady some one, he is employed for multiple situations where their privacy try essential. It can be used in order to connect properly, discuss issues that will be questionable, trade points to the Craigslist, and stuff like that.

Not long ago, We shared ten private talk programs, when you want to speak with random visitors. Continue reading

Dating Indian Females: 11 Crucial Communication Recommendations You Must Understand

11 Best Telecommunications Secrets

These women are all amazing, but there is so much more, and when you’re going to date an Indian female, you ought to at least play the role of familiar with the remainder of it. Aim being, while I value the overall appreciation in regards to our as well as time as well as the unexpected Ganesh reference on television, we can easily broaden a bit more.

Indian customs is filled with countless possibilities. Singles masala is just the beginning though it positive as hell is a great starting point. Continue reading