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3 Differences Between the conditions ‘Gay’ and ‘Queer’ — and exactly why It Matters

For a while, I thought I was homosexual. And maybe I found myself for a few of that energy – there’s nothing wrong with being homosexual. But I’m definitely not now.

I thought I was homosexual because I was thinking I found myself a person, and I also think I happened to be just and always attracted to some other boys.

I don’t know very well what gender i’m anymore, or no. I knew before going to that realization that I’m also just, and alson’t for ages been, attracted to men. In addition, I understood I don’t understand what precisely “attraction” ways.

I know beyond doubt I’m not heterosexual – without a reliable gender, I’m not really certain i really could be.

Once we initially started to has these self-revelations, In addition knew that I had to develop space to explore all these problems.

As I invested time figuring out whatever intended, I discovered whenever i have to has an identification which makes sense to others who want to read me with some sort of reliability, it would be “queer.”

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