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How do you pick up a goth chick?

I’ve dated all kinds of girls, meaning different ethnicities as well as different styles (i.e. preppy, tomboy). But I have yet to get with a goth chick. There’s this one club I go to that has a lot of those girls with the colored hair, nose rings, black makeup etc, but what usually works with other girls doesn’t seem to work on these chicks – this one girl told me to f*** myself and called me a conformist when I merely asked her name.

Any of you hook up with a goth? Did you have to pretend to be a wizard or worship Satan to get their attention?

How do you pick up a goth chick?

Sure she wasn’t joking? if not than I don’t think she’s interested in a relationship with you, but feel free to try and stock up on hot topic gear and try again

Goth girls can be hot. I guess you just have to find out how to tell the cool ones from the belligerent ones.

So dye your hair black if it isn’t already, pierce your face, get all sad and wear black and white striped shirts with leather pants. Continue reading