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Regardless if you are charging a few two 6V battery packs or asking two 12V electric batteries (or more) in parallel

might affix the good result associated with the charger with the good terminal where positive RV load cable is connected. You would also attach the adverse result of the charger towards adverse terminal in which the adverse RV load wire are attached. This helps make sure the batteries into the lender cost at a level price.

Be sure that your own charger try rated on the same voltage while the lender you happen to be asking. A 12V charger can charge a 12V collection financial or 12V synchronous financial. However if you may have a particular instance where you stand wiring in show to 24V, 48V, or some other voltage, you’ll desire to be certain their charger matches the voltage.

It is possible to demand specific batteries within a lender with a charger that matches that power supply and charge them one after the other.

For instance, when you have four 12V battery packs strung with each other in show, but only an individual 12V charger, you are able to hook up and charge each individual power one after the other. Continue reading