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Fakes, Copies and Reproductions of R.S. Prussia, Germany, Suhl, Poland

For nearly a century, 1869 to 1956, Reinhold Schlegelmilch’s initials, RS, appeared in different marks on fine German porcelain. Probably this most desired items are the ones designated RS Prussia. Exceptional blanks with rare accessories, particularly pets or portraits, of RS Prussia may bring $3,000-$8,000. Usual floral components has regularly marketed for $75-$350. More sought after markings feature RS Germany, RS Suhl, and RS Poland.

As a result of it’s higher importance, the RS Prussia mark has been forged and copied ever since the later part of the sixties . Brand new RS Suhl appeared in early 1990s, now, in 1998, RS Germany and RS Poland are increasingly being reproduced. This short article examine the latest and forged RS markings and compare them to earliest marks. It is going to see different ways fakers try to increase or copy RS porcelain.

Credentials on Schlegelmilch Porcelain

Between 1861 and 1882 there were three porcelain production facilities were only available in the city of Suhl (as to what is actually nowadays Germany, after that Prussia) by people making use of the last identity Schlegelmilch. Continue reading