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Importance Of Lawn Edgers There Are Different Styles For Lawn

The Ames companies manufacture some of the best garden tools in the market. And, they have been in the market for long enough to know what is good for gardeners. These include; the Thatch Rake, Deluxe Weed Cutter, Steel Blade Grass Whip, Dandelion Weeder and the Rotary Edger.

Every owner needs a beautiful lawn that is full and yet sharp. The Ivation cordless 40V grass trimmer and edger makes setting up your garden a breeze rather than a dreaded job. The wireless plan implies that you are no longer entangled with twisted extension cords – or that you are cut earlier than your grass. Ivation also includes battery-powered batteries, so you never have to be stressed if the power is cut short. Basically, leave one on the charger while using the other.

The McLane also offers a similar feature, the curbed wheel. It brings a 6 horsepower, 4-cycle engine to the table (4-cycle engines run cleaner). This is quite powerful, but again a bit overboard since this might not even be needed for small- to medium-sized properties.

Best Lawn Edger: 8 Top

V20 String Trimmer / Edger has two speed settings and extended battery life, the line is easily controlled with push button feed. Adjustable length pole is very ergonomic and can easily fit your heigth. However, there still can be problems for very tall operators.

So, that is the number they typically use on the label – i.e., Pro 80V or 40V MAX. This will also affect best lawn edger 2018 the Watt-Hour label on the battery. Some manufacturers are using peak voltage to figure Watt Hours.

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You can ease the task of maintaining your lawn by decreasing the number of tools that you have to drag in and out of your storage shed. One way to do this is to invest in a multipurpose edger like Worx GT2.0 3-in-1 model. You can use it for edging, trimming and even mowing your lawn. Different edgers are fitted with different features that make them user-friendly. For instance, some manufacturers add adjustable assist handles and telescoping shafts, allowing to work for prolonged periods without getting tired.

Per your article in US, maximum initial battery voltage is 20, 56, 60, and 80 volts. 2nd can I use 32 V battery in 20V tool that also WORX product? Hi Dan, Yes, I have one here that’s broke in the same place. Mine actually came with the two front screws that hold the battery slot to the trimmer laying in the bottom of the box.

Comfortable And Easy To Use

First off, if you have a large yard or frequently tackle heavy-duty conditions, we recommend a gas-powered weed eater. They give you the unlimited range and power that you’ll need. Cordless models are powered by rechargeable NiCad or lithium-ion batteries. They start easily and are just as quiet and maintenance-free as their corded counterparts. The difference is that you’re trading a limited battery life, which is still normally more than enough to tackle most small or medium yards, for an unlimited operating range.

Once that happens, wood will bloat and can even begin to rot from the water exposure. On top of that, wood can also develop mildew or mold in extremely wet climates. Much like best lawn edger 2018 plastic, resins are extremely resilient to even continual abuse from the water. To make matters more tricky, few manufacturers actually disclose the formula of their resins.

The angles allow you to give the landscape a clean look even along those extreme curves. Every edger model has different angle selections so read about them before buying the item. Another perk that consumers appreciate in this edger is the lightweight feel. This machine is less than 14 pounds, which makes it easy to use for almost all ages. Retirees are pleased to work in their gardens without worrying about heavy machines being necessary. This lightweight product also allows you to buy it online with little shipping charges attributed to it.

Dimex Easyflex Plastic No

The commercial versions have heavy engines that will make the machine very heavy for you. Maintaining your yard can become easier if you add a lawn edger to your set of equipment. This article discusses the key attributes that you should consider while narrowing down your options as you shop for an edger. I moved from Southern California to a small town in Missouri and have a yard for the first time. Somehow I was fortunate enough to buy the same trimmer you have. But, I can’t find the directions and didn’t know how to turn it into an edger, so – thank you.

best lawn edger 2018

Do you want a walk behind edger that resembles and works like a lawnmower or the stick model design, which is held like a weed whacker? If you’ll be using the edger just a few times every month, a stick model best lawn edger 2018 is a better option. A walk behind edger offers more precision and it can cover a larger area than a stick model. Some consumers have reported that the labels on the edgers have been difficult to read.

Black & Decker Mtc220 Trimmer

There is just a huge difference between a lawn that has been edged out and one that hasn’t – many people can tell instantly. However, this is an optional feature which means it is a separate purchase and not standard with the product. The Ariens also is a 3-wheeled lawn edger, so naturally, its performance will be limited over rough and uneven terrain compared with the McLane. The McLane has large 8” wheels with ball bearings to help you easily navigate over uneven surfaces as well. The Black & Decker LE750 is a decent edger which is lightweight, easy to use, eco-friendly and multi-functional since it can also be used as a trencher.

  • The Makita XRU15PT1 LXT String Trimmer Kit runs on two rechargeable 18-volt batteries that include overload and overheat protection.
  • These include the power source of the lawn edging tool, your lawn size, the shape of the blade, maintenance, etc.
  • Removing housings, altering the engine and other intrusive behaviors are easily seen by factory employees, however.
  • They’re also the lightest on the market and require practically no maintenance.
  • These instructions alone confirm that having this lawn edger will make lawn edging fast and convenient.
  • The trimmers we tested had noises ranging from high squeal to hair-dryer hum, and the Ego was among the quietest we looked at.

I don’t know their cordless product but I know the brand well enough that I’m sure it’s good. In other words, Shindaiwa doesn’t make junk and they would never put a product out that would break right away for the commercial operators. There isn’t nearly enough useful information out there on battery powered lawn tools like this. Milwaukee has a small line of M18 Fuel Commercial cordless yard tools that use the same battery as their power/hand tools. Milwaukee understands battery tech and brushless motor tech and their 18 volt is more powerful than most 56 volt and higher systems. They just introduced a chainsaw to go with this system and when it’s available I’ll put a link in here.

Dewalt 20v Max Residential Cordless System

Combine straight and curved sections to create the perfect contour. And pick a material and finish that complements other hard landscaping in your garden, such as retaining walls or any garden paving ideas you have going on. Wood is one of the classic materials used for lawn edging products having been used for such purposes for about as long as society has erected edges around their gardens. Granted, those instances saw the edging being used exclusively for nobility and the extremely wealthy, but the popularity of wood-based lawn edging continues to this day.

Author: Kay Burton

Best String Trimmers 2021

These use a thinner string and can cut grass and some weeds, but they struggle with thicker, stalkier plants. I currently live in New Hampshire and have about 2 acres of mowable lawn. After each cut, I spend roughly 30 minutes using a string trimmer around stone walls, flower beds, pathways, and the chicken coop.

best lawn edger 2018

Don’t let it’s light weight fool you though, this trimmer can cut through tall grass and thick weeds if you need it to. The WORKX WG119 is it has a foldable spacer, which prevents strimmer’s line from unintentionally cutting flower beds and foliage when trimming edges. It also can easily turn into an edger, which will cut much best lawn edger 2018 better around sidewalks and curbs (edges are what make the lawn pop!). A powerful 40V battery supplies juice to the trimmer, which can easily cut through grass and weeds without as much as a hesitation at high speed setting. It consists of a trimmer, which can double as an edger, and a lightweight and powerful sweeper.

About Those Battery Power Indicators

Since it’s cordless, you never have to worry about fighting with a power cord or extension lead. The 12” cutting diameter makes a wide cutting path for efficient performance, but it’s still small enough to trim tight areas. Adjust the handle and string, and you’re ready to go with one of the most versatile and useful tools you can own for yard maintenance.

The 20V battery charges quickly in about 5 hours so that you can have it fully charged when you need it. The line feeds automatically so you won’t have to stop often to fix it. The default cutting are is 10-inches for more precise cutting. However, you can extend the cutting area by several inches so that you cover large areas quickly. This package comes with the battery and the charger included so that you can get to work right away. Even though they didn’t make our 5 best lawn edgers list, they’re the best of the rest and each is still a great option for your home.

Husqvarna Ea850 Heavy Duty Edger Attachment Review

Even DeWalt makes a 40 volt product that costs twice as much as their 20/60 volt product but it will last for years on the back of a commercial crew’s truck. This market is exploding so fast that it’s pretty much impossible to keep up with all the commercial and homeowner stuff. I have six string trimmers from different brands I use for long-term testing but when I want to trim my yard I almost always grab the Toro PowerPlex. With the battery, it’s under 9 lbs and has plenty of power to trim my landscaping on my one-acre lawn. I have over 600 linear feet of landscape beds, chain link fence, and trees to trim around.

  • That is why a gas-powered edger is the safest bet for big lawns.
  • If you do go the attachment route and want to be able to jump quickly from task to task, you may consider purchasing a second battery for about $140.
  • The Black & Decker can be used as a trencher as well as an edger.
  • Visit themonlineto learn more about their product selection, or call to speak with a friendly specialist about current offerings.
  • However, if you want lawn edgers for commercial heavy-duty use, then we recommend that you give a shot to the corded electric lawn edgers.

I’ let you know if there are any negatives over the next few weeks. Hi Paul, I just bought a house and new to gardening and all of these tools. For my yard, I think I will need a leaf blower , trimmer/edger and a hedge trimmer for now. I have a small lawn (the total lot size is less than .25 acres with house occupying most of the area).

Ryobi P2030 Electric Cordless String Trimmer

In order for one household to maintain a lawn, of course, tools are needed. Lucky for you if you have a lawn that does not have vast size. You might not even have to use major outdoor equipment just to maintain your lawn, just the portable ones are enough. Now, one of the most important tools in order for your to maintain a good lawn is to use an edger. One of the rising edger today is the Husqvarna EA850 heavy duty edger attachment. The manufacturer of this product is the Poulan Pro which can be trailed back to Shreveport, Louisiana.

In general, we were impressed with how all of the attachments performed when attached to the cordless tool. Overall, the Ryobi’s performance on a full charge was in the middle of the pack—just over half of what the Egos accomplished on a full charge. And in patches of really thick, tall grass, the Ryobi trimmer head occasionally got wound up in the grass or just pushed it over instead of cutting it. And the Ryobi couldn’t sever the Japanese knotweed stalks as efficiently as the Egos.


You need high air velocity to lift leaves off your lawn and out of flower beds. But you need a high CFM and MPH rating to round up piles of leaves. So, the best leaf blowers have the highest CFM and MPH rating, along with multiple nozzles.Here are 14 tips for dealing with leaves like a pro. Leaf blower buyers get really confused by air velocity and air volume specifications. They wonder which is more important—miles per hour or cubic feet per minute ? When it comes to lifting and moving leaves, MPH alone isn’t a reliable indicator of the leaf blower’s abilities.

Hi Sandra, That’s actually a very tough question to answer. In general the more you pay for the trimmer really tells you how good the head is – not whether it’s automatic or bump feed. Hi Yang, I would never put a higher voltage battery on an appliance even if it did mate up. You could wreck you item, or in the worse case burn up the item or blow up the battery. Hi Yang, That list was just meant to be examples and not an entire list. It seems that the industry just lists what they want so you have a hard time comparing to the other brands.

Best For Large Surface: Mclane 801 9 Inch Gas Powered Lawn Edger 5 50gt Review

You also can’t simply invest $15 in what’s basically a lifetime supply of trimmer string. Also, if you’re in a pinch and need some immediately, there may be availability issues. Worx sells them, and there appear to be a number of other brands selling compatible spools (we haven’t tested these and can’t vouch for them).

best lawn edger 2018

However, it does serve as a trencher as well, something the WORX does not offer. The Black & Decker can be used as a trencher as well as an edger. The GreenWorks machine is a dedicated edger which cannot be used for trenching. If you need to improve your flower beds the GreenWorks edger alone would not be much use to you. Moreover, the functions of two tools being consolidated into one single tool are also favored, primarily to save storage space, and secondly, save money as well.

The Ryobi typically sells for about the same as the Ego ST1511T. But, again, the Ryobi isn’t as effective on the thick stuff. It’s also heavier and much louder, and it doesn’t have the ergonomic ease of the telescoping shaft or on-the-fly handle adjustment. The Ryobi uses a hand-crank reel mechanism, which makes line loading easier than with the older models, but it’s not as good as our main pick’s push-button system. Compared with other cordless trimmers, the Ego ST1511T Power+ String Trimmer with Powerload is on a different level. This trimmer cut through 1-inch-thick Japanese knotweed as if it were grass, while the others pathetically slapped their strings against the thick stalks. Considering all that power, you’d expect this trimmer to be noisy.


How To Buy The Best Lawn Edger

With this steel edger, you will cut through dandelion and the majority of grass or weed roots on your edging path. This best lawn edger provides zero emissions hence it doesn’t leave carbon as compared to the gas-powered edgers. The tool is designed with a 12 amp electric motor that provides enough power to get your job done in minutes. If you need love cordless convenience, you can get the WORX WG163 GT 3.0 20V PowerShare 12″ Cordless String Trimmer & Edger that gives your edges a super appearance. This best lawn edger provides you with a 32-volt of MaxLithium battery power which is enough to handle any edging task. As you shop, you’ll likely see trimmer-edger combo tools, which combine a weed eater and lawn edger into one unit.

best lawn edger 2018

It’s easy to see how much of a charge is left in the Ryobi. As with anything, the Ego ST1511T is not perfect, but none of the drawbacks come close to offsetting all of the good the tool provides. If you do get stranded with an empty battery, the Ego’s charger can deliver a full battery in about 40 minutes. Finally, to confirm our findings, we’ve spent years using our picks and other leading contenders for our day-to-day string trimming needs at a variety of properties.

What Type Of Manual Lawn Edger To Use

We tested many of these attachments and were impressed with the results. For a second test, on softer ground, we tilled up to a 10-by-10-foot area on a single charge. We did look at a number of very light-duty trimmers, ideal for smaller lawns.

best lawn edger 2018

Swivel the handle into a comfortable position as you move around a garden bed or lawn edge. You’ll have a relaxed posture as you rely on the tool’s design to cut cleanly into the ground. Backaches and leg strains are things of the past when you use the WORX edger. Wipe best lawn edger 2018 the handle clean after using the tool, and it will pivot with ease during each edging session. You may have purchased the best lawnmower for your budget, but those pesky edges are still overgrown. Weeds and grass seem to expand at the lawn’s edges with rapid speed.

The Best String Trimmers For Keeping Your Yard Tidy And Well

The best budget choice by far is the Edge Hog by Black + Decker. This edger is extremely compact with orange and black accents throughout its design. With three wheels forming a basic triangular support at the base, you’ll be pleased to edge your lawn or gardens with this tool.

Never-the-less I used it and to my surprise it did a wonderful job. I was amazed.” And being called a “toy” isn’t always a bad thing. I just took it out for a spin around the property and it was so much fun,” one reviwer writes. “It’s nice and light, so even a small, and yes, older woman can easily manage it.” And lots even admit this battery-powered works better than a gas-powered trimmer.

Greenworks 21212 Electric Corded Weed Eater

So, if you need a trencher as well for your gardening needs, you might be better off with the Black & Decker, since both competitors fail to provide this functionality. It has an automatic AFS feed system that guarantees constant work best lawn edger 2018 without stopping and bumping. It has a modifiable height trimmer deck and rotating handle. 169cc Lawn Edger – wheeled is a new product on the market today, especially designed to edge those tricky areas of grass along the curb.

  • A high-quality edger that’s sure to please is the Wheeled model by Troy-Bilt.
  • We’ve been covering outdoor power equipment since 2013, with guides to lawn mowers, snow blowers, and leaf blowers.
  • Many consumers like this deep and trimmed look since the soil edge is also visible after the edging process.
  • Cordless models run on rechargeable lithium-ion batteries and allow you to use your tool without being tethered to a power cord.
  • And summers can spell disaster for your weekends or evenings when you have a medium- to large-size lawn to mow or trim.

Battery operated models may eventually require a battery replacement. However, if something happens to the motor on your electric edger, and it’s out of warranty, it’s probably cheapest to replace it rather than have it repaired. But it’s awfully hard to beat that warranty period, and it works well enough, even going about a half inch deeper than the WORX edger typically does. Still an excellent choice, it’s close to the best electric lawn edger, but is just that hair’s breadth away. One of those twisted pathways running across your lawn, perhaps?

The four stroke engine is also efficient and thus, you will not require to mix oil and gas. Gas powered edger are the best commercial lawn edgers to use for large commercial landscaping. Depending on the size of lawns you handle, you will go for either the two-stroke or the four-stroke engine. Buying the best landscaping lawn edger for the first time can be tedious.

This 2-in-1 trimmer and edger is equipped with command feel and tool-free adjustment. It can easily trim hard best lawn edger 2018 to reach places and overgrown weeds and grass. Moreover, it has a flower spacing guard and adjustable height.

Different Types Of String Trimmers

To compensate for this, the manufacturer uses hardened steel to make this blade, making it one of the sturdiest. Another plus of this edger is the 11-amp motor that provides sufficient power to tackle tough grass and roots. Furthermore, it has an adjustable handle, fit for use by both left and right-handed individuals.

In 1973, the company’s name was changed to Ryobi Limited from Ryobi Seisakuso Co., Ltd. and operates 12 manufacturing factories across six countries. In 2014, the company signed an official partnership with German football team Hertha Berlin. You may also buy a pole single-wheel edger which is similar to a trimmer. However, it has two or three wheels with one at the front and the other at the rear.