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With the exact same cardioid design mic, this gooseneck will reject any noise that is not through the audio speaker

If you’re looking to update to something a little more premium, after that this Shure gooseneck is really worth looking at. Shure additionally boasts a€?CommShield Technologya€? to aid protect from unwanted RF interference from smart phones also wireless tools. Shure is also known for the good build quality, so this microphone won’t be falling apart any time soon.

MXL AC-400

Dropping inside the center of the package, this MXL may be the good both worlds within the gooseneck category. USB connection means this mic also be linked straight to the laptop, and a 15a€? versatile neck helps it be quite simple to regulate. People utilizing MXL systems already, this AC-400 may be stretched with three optional AC-40EXT units even for more insurance coverage. Additionally it is one of many cleaner looking gooseneck mics we have viewed.

While a little wider than the others we’ve got talked about, boundary microphones are in essence their class with several choices to choose from. The idea is pretty straightforward, the microphone is put along a a€?boundary,a€? in fact it is in essence merely a mounting surface. Meaning the mics can lay on your work desk, or tends to be actually placed on a floor, like on a presentation stage.

The main benefit is that boundary mics can get the sounds of speakers before them. Boundary mics tends to be got as tiny square mics that lay on your meeting desk, or sometimes can even be stuck from inside the work desk, also known as a€?buttona€? microphones. That way every thing can stay cool and thoroughly clean using the wires, and virtually the microphone by itself, concealed within, and under, the work desk.

  • Border microphones are great for obtaining several speakers, just a few microphones put into the right spot will generally manage your complete discussion area. Continue reading