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How Exactly To inspire all girlfriends in Fantastic Thieves Vehicle: San Andreas – Definitive Release

GTA is a dating sim.

One of the most known mechanics in GTA San Andreas was the unique element where you are able to need girlfriends and wow all of them.

Discover six possible girlfriends that one may date, every one of them making use of their very own unique prerequisites, choice, and incentives.

When you increase relationship with these people, you will gain access to unique incentives which will help your during certain scenarios for the games. This is why, it is perfect to inspire these to gain all of the bonuses.

Ideas on how to wow


All girlfriends will date you when you have collected all 50 Oysters. Otherwise, it is vital that you fit their particular appeal to start matchmaking them.

  • Barbara: High fat amount or maxed intercourse attraction.
  • Denise: Begin the goal Using Up Want.
  • Helena: reduced fat levels, reasonable strength amount, and high sex attraction.
  • Katie: large muscle tissue degree and large intercourse attraction.
  • Michelle: Fat stage over 50 per cent and large intercourse attraction, or a maxed gender charm.
  • Millie: Start the Key to The Girl Cardiovascular System Objective.


Each gf provides different tastes for several strategies. This listing outlines the essential guides to follow along with for every single gf and type of day. Continue reading