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Confused, Hilary could only stare down into space. “Precautions? ” she wordlessly mouthed.

” just what’s incorrect with you, Hilary? ” snapped Sabrina. “You’ve gotn’t taken the capsule for more than 8 weeks now. Now a man, whom clearly did not make use of condom, bangs you god understands just just how often times. Searching to obtain your self expecting? “

“Pregnant? ” mumbled Hilary.

There isn’t any fuckin’ way we need to get fuckin’ pregnant, she thought.

“Yeah, pregnant. You keep in mind, as with _look who is having a baby_. The type of thing that takes place to ladies who unwisely screw around with males that don’t use security during the time that is wrong of thirty days. ” yelled Sabrina. “I would be prepared to bet that the mother will soon be dancing when you look at the aisles whenever she hears away from you you are expecting. Continue reading