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Mother wanting to ‘transition’ son to girl: all of it started whenever he picked a girls’ McDonald’s doll

TEXAS, October 18, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) – The mother that is trying to “transition” her seven-year-old son up to a girl testified today he preferred a McDonald’s girl toy to a boy toy that she began to believe her child was different when.

Jefferey young and Dr. Anne Georgulas come in a custody and conservatorship battle over their sons that are twin James and Jude. James gift suggestions as a woman called “Luna” at his mother’s house and also as a kid sign in along with his dad. Georgulas has enrolled James at school as a lady since kindergarten. Mr. young alleges Dr. Georgulas is forcing James to provide as a woman. He could be focused on James undergoing chemical castration or the full medical “transition.”

Today ended up being supposed to be the last time associated with test, which can be being heard with a jury, the test had been recessed before noon and certainly will resume Monday early morning. The judge ruled the test must end by Monday at 2:00 p.m.

Many different expert witnesses from both edges have actually testified.

Dr. Georgulas testified today. She reiterated her need to maintain the news out from the situation, presumably to be able to protect the privacy of her males. Early in the time within the week, the custody evaluator talked about just exactly what he stated was significant damage done to Georgulas’ pediatric practice due to the case’s publicity.

Furthermore, Georgulas told the jury in regards to the occasions prior to James’ presentation as “Luna.”

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