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Many people deny the truth, not being able to live with it, chalking it up to conspiracy theory

This can be depressing to the point of becoming numb to it, which is why I like to include the good news in with the bad news. Others acknowledge it, but ignore it because they believe they’re powerless do anything about it.

As for the good news, the “Solutions” section is included above. This enables them to accept the truth and even join in and do something about it.

Regarding knowledge for money, you only make money writing on HubPages if you sign up for advertising in addition to the HubPages ads, or if you sell something via your hub. (My hubs currently have only the default HubPages ads.)

I do not offer knowledge for money for that goes against my principles. However I do rely on platforms like hubpages to share knowledge. Truth and knowledge can only be presented in stages for the average mind will rebel against truth for the mind is controlled and programmed to resist alternative information.

The biggest scam ever is the suppression of creation and the withhold of knowledge from the past. History has been rewritten as did early holy teachings which taught the true way of faith. Most of all early teachings have been destroyed and hidden from the public arena over thousands of years. The biggest secret of the elite is how the human mind functions and how the eyes and body respond to cycles and physical light. They know good and evil are merely concepts to explain energy and emotion. Continue reading