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The guy throws the documents back in the linen bag with perhaps not come from the corner of his room because the preliminary comfort legal proceeding

Maybe not a culprit

Ultimately, it turns out the take into account Instabang had not been constructed from an internet protocol address that may be traced back once again to De Vries. Their iPad has-been turned inside-out, without finding everything special. But the ip should not be traced back again to the institution and three of the four youngsters involved. The IP address in the fourth student ended up being never ever identified. a€?And that will be precisely the kid just who, in my experience, qualifies as a suspect. I had a negative partnership with him. a€?

(Graphics: Nina Maissouradze)

The researching thus couldn’t reveal any perpetrator. Discovering who owns the ip via the police was not an option: there’s no offense. De Vries hoped that mothers and peers would about getting aware regarding the results of the research, but that couldn’t take place. a€?The college planned to hold factors lightweight, but also for whom? Normally you do that in order to prevent harming people, but I really benefits once this will get around. Should you decide try to let individuals sit at residence for 5 period, then you are in addition obliged to close off they large by disclosing the investigation listings and apologizing nicely. How how is it possible you I would ike to be a suspect, whilst the details of students were not known? a€?

In line with the class, De Vries try suspected because the guy erased the traces therefore can’t be ruled-out that he is the culprit, after all, he may possibly also are creating the membership at McDonalds, eg. Continue reading