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Lauren: each and every time a dude has team photos, he’s constantly the smallest amount of guy that is hot the team. Therefore I’d steer clear, actually.

Can it be chill to own a photograph of me getting together with an other woman? Personally I think like females will dsicover that and say, “There’s at the very least an added girl on the planet who are able to tolerate this presence that is man’s. I NEED TO DATE HIM IMMEDIATELY.” Like whenever ladies tend to be more drawn to males with wedding bands. Right?Emily, 26: to start with, i will be confident the wedding ring thing isn’t real? Generally speaking, if we see a female in a dude’s dating app photos, my feeling is, “Ah, this guy is simply too sluggish to crop down their ex-girlfriend or perhaps is a really sluggish cheater.” Whether or not that is maybe maybe maybe not the actual situation, dating apps don’t offer sufficient context for me personally to inform. Continue reading