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With the Free membership, you no longer have all the lessons at your fingertips—you now only have the first three lessons of each series. When you become an Innovative Language member, you receive fresh language material every week. Within a year, the site garnered a membership of 10,000 active learners, signaling to founders Peter Galante, Eran Dekel and Aki Yoshikawa that they must be doing something right.

  • For the fastest battery charging performance, be sure your device is switched on when connected to the Lightning to USB Cable.
  • When you turn these devices on, they appear as connected in bluetooth preferences and in the bluetooth menu in your menu bar.
  • If a device doesn’t appear there, make sure it’s charged or replace it batteries, and make sure it’s been paired with your Mac.

This is where you’ll learn just how friendly Italian men can get or how warm Spanish-speaking locals are. For example, if the dialogue used adjectival agreement between the gender and number of a noun, you’d find the explanation of the rules here. This would also come with examples showing when each form is appropriate. Most lessons begin with two podcast hosts who’ll serve as guides. They’ll be talking to each other, introducing the dialogue and discussing the lesson.

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Innovative Language believes that for the lessons and insights to stick, you have to see the material repeatedly. However, they know they have to do it in interesting, non-repetitive ways so students don’t drift off. Further, with an Innovative Language course, you’ll never run out of content.

There are pre-made decks, but you can also make your own. Going back to the Dashboard , you’ll also find the “Vocabulary” menu. This houses all the vocabulary tools I’ve already mentioned. Generally, there are two types of vocabulary aids—the ready-made ones and those that you gradually build yourself. For starters, in your web browser, you’ll begin in the dashboard where you can find your lessons.

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“Expansion” — Here, you’ll have usage examples of the vocabulary taken up in the previous section. The Comments section simply lets you feel that you aren’t alone on this journey. Yes, this is a self-paced and self-taught program, but you’re definitely not going at it alone. Hosts often share their personal experiences as well as observations of native practices and traditions.

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It’s kind of like listening to amped disc jockeys on your morning commute. These are also present in Innovative Language’s smartphone application, but there are some differences that we’ll talk about later. While the dashboard is incredibly thorough, the real magic happens in the lessons. The “Word Bank” is one you build yourself by populating it with words as you go through the lessons, while the “Vocabulary Lists” are pre-made decks you can study immediately.

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Because of the volume of content involved, you might actually be at a loss on where to start or where to go next. You can feel bombarded with so many choices and end up indecisive about which Pathway to stick with. I’ve said that there’s plenty of course content to digest, right? True to tradition, lessons come at you through different modalities for maximum impact. Lessons come at you again and again, and at different angles to make ideas stick.