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Since you utilized your Facebook profile to access Coffee Meets Bagel…

The app has access to your friend list because you used your Facebook profile to access Coffee Meets Bagel. In the event that you along with your bagel have actually shared buddies, it’ll let you know, but you’ll have actually to cover a tiny bean charge so that you can see who your shared buddies are (in the event that you can’t figure it down according to his/her senior high school, university, or other profile clues). When you yourself have second or third-degree connections with some body regarding the software, it’ll tell you that too, as well as for that information you don’t have actually to pay for. Therefore, for instance, if your everyday bagel is John, and John is buddies with Susie, and Susie is buddies with Billy, and YOU’RE friends with Billy, Billy will show through to John’s profile as being a second-degree connection. If you’re buddies with Susie, however, she’ll arrive as a primary level connection, but just that John also knows Susie after you’ve paid Coffee Meets Bagel to tell you. We don’t understand this without a doubt, but i’ve a theory that Coffee Meets Bagel just shows very very first, 2nd, and/or 3rd level connections you’ve got with individuals if for example the Facebook buddy utilizes the application aswell.

The software does not say that that’s the truth, but considering that the mutual buddies whom turned up in my situation had been constantly the exact same individuals, we begun to wonder if it was a lot more than a coincidence (though become reasonable, the lady whom typically turned up as 2nd- or third-degree connection in my situation comes with almost 2,000 buddies on Facebook, which may make her second- and third-degree companies enormous). Continue reading