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Whenever really does a nurse-patient union cross the range? Is-it completely wrong in my situation to even consider matchmaking your?


I’m a medical-surgical nursing assistant at a big metropolitan medical facility. Five days back, I happened to be designated given that primary treatment nurse for a patient—let’s call your Dan—who’s dealing with accidents due to an auto collision. He’s a 45-year-old injury lawyer, good-looking, with a fantastic spontaneity.

Within the last 2 days, he has managed to get biker dating obvious he’s interested in me—and the sensation is actually common. Nowadays, he questioned if I’d have a bite with your after their discharge. He in addition provided me a part-time tasks working as a legal nurse consultant (LNC) within his laws office, and stated he’d spend the $3,500 university fees the 4-week LNC exercise program.

We’re both unmarried and seem to express countless welfare. Continue reading