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Younger immigrants’ fantasy to marry European girls harder and harder to appreciate

”Marry an attractive girl that is european. I am intending to do this too, ” Mohammed, a 25-year-old asylum seeker, claims to his closest buddy because they are consuming tea within the restaurant of 1 for the resort hotels turned refugee reception facilities in Athens.

Their 23-year-old buddy listens to him attentively, sipping tea from a synthetic cup, then states he’s had this plan as well from the comfort of the start.

Both have enrolled in the European moving system – a scheme adopted by EU member states to handle the influx that is largest of refugees into European countries since World War II – and both are going to go for various europe.

Keeping an alcohol container, a thin Algerian visitor, that has been in Greece for over nine years, informs the 2 teenage boys never to dream in extra. Continue reading