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Balangan this is actually the then break in the Bukit and it is waking range from Dreamland.

It really is a reef split but have an attractive white sand coastline that’s extremely silent and delightful. Balangan was a great left hander which is not so fast once the additional reef breaks from the bukit and is also ideal for advanced surfers.


Merely north of Seminyak, Canggu possess numerous surf in your neighborhood. An important split at Echo Beach produces a superb proper top that pauses over black lava stone with two fun lefts close by. It is a great advanced break bridging the safety regarding the beach breaks with dangers of browsing over coral.


Further north, Balian is a peaceful rivermouth remaining and best, busting over a stone and mud base.


Furthermore north once again, Medewi are a long remaining aim break, peeling lightly for hundreds of metres along circular lake stones. Perfect for longboards and greatest at mid-tide from 4-8ft. Swell dimensions here’s typically larger than Kuta according to swell movement.

Nyang Nyang

Constantly features swell, but usually too-big to surf safely. Normally best seen whenever almost everywhere otherwise goes level however it is hard to access. A right reefbreak with a left from the reverse part of a tremendously treacherous channel with some weird currents.

Green Golf Balls

This trend is normally too big to surf – a thick right hander, but typically too big and also hazardous. Continue reading