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A big penis is both a present and a punishment that impacts the person plus the girl in lots of ways

Dear DeniMy spouse is extremely well-endowed. He could be 6’3″. I will be 5′ 1″. With him, it is painful more so than not although I REALLY enjoy having sex. We once read that one positions that are sexual a lot better than others to simply help us. Are you able to please suggest some roles which are much better than other people in order to make me personally more that is“accessible him?

I wish you had explained whether your spouse is big in girth, length, or both. But I will try to talk generally about all three situations since you didn’t.

The depth of a woman’s vagina can range from quite shallow to surprisingly deep as i have said in past tips. a few females can just accept a penis that is four ins or less. a women that are few accept a penis that is so long as 14”. The majority of women can accept a penis that is as much as seven inches long thrusting into them without too much issue.

Extend your pussy

One of several advantages of the look of the woman’s human anatomy is the fact that our vaginal sheathe is quite stretchy in breadth. Continue reading