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They said all my woman kissing ended up being a period and that when i acquired away from university I’d get married to a person.

I’m bisexual. I’d a whole lot of boyfriends in center college. My moms and dads joked I became “boy crazy.” However in senior high school, we started crushing on a lady during my history course. My cousin said I happened to be confused and therefore there is absolutely absolutely nothing intimate about admiring another girl’s appears. Then college arrived. Since my children ended up beingn’t around to evaluate me personally, we allow myself flirt with a girl that is pretty my dorm. The one thing resulted in another, and I also went from “boy crazy” to “girl crazy.” I became nevertheless interested in the occasional man, but We highly favored girls.

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Year i came out as bisexual to my parents in my junior. I became stressed since they’re pretty traditional, however they didn’t get mad. Alternatively they laughed, which somehow felt even even even worse. They explained all my woman kissing was a stage and therefore when i acquired away from university I’d get married to a person. For a time we dated only girls, just away from spite. But 2 yrs ago, we came across a great guy whom is currently my fiancГ©. As I’ve dropped deeply in love with him, I’ve shifted back into preferring dudes to girls. Section of me is happy I like dudes once more, since i will be engaged and getting married to at least one quickly. The fact I’m still attracted to women at all makes me feel kind that is like of cheater. Continue reading