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Why I Don’t See Gay Relationships As Real Relationships Anymore

It is unfortunate really but you: We don’t see relationships that are gay genuine relationships any longer.

I know that will seem odd coming from me personally a self-proclaimed gay guy, but after every one of the relationSHITS I’ve experienced, I’m able to properly say that I’ve given on ever being within one once more. That’s right ladies and gents, I’ve retired my jersey. I’ve switched during my player card and made a decision to drive the bench and watch the shit show through the sidelines. This does not mean that I’ve put my cock in a glass jar and chained myself to a life of revolutionary celibacy. Quite to your contrary. We nevertheless continue steadily to purchase economy size containers of Astroglide and I also nevertheless have actually a zipper situation high in Gold magnums by my bedside.

We just don’t do relationships with homosexual guys any longer. I simply screw them. This is the degree of my participation together with them.

It is actually the many truthful representation of love I’m able to provide without vomiting my guts away. Continue reading