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Just how long does the average senior school relationship final?

hmm. well allows perhaps not get me started..too later. once I was at twelfth grade. dinosaur years back. I happened to be with my boyfriend for just two years. after which one summer time before senior 12 months, he split up he started hanging out with other girls, all he wanted was a piece of ass, and guess what, he got it with me. and started using it, and started Cleveland dating using it. but about a 473 times later on following the split up, he arrived crawling right back. it wasnt he got down on one knee and proposed out of no where, i dont know why i said no at first. he proposed to me 4 times within the next 2 years and we ended up getting married and having 13 kids, now we have 78 grand kids and 469 great grand kids until i was ready to move further south and get out of the state. Continue reading