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Gender around the world: Here’s what are the results at Swingfields, the UK’s more enigmatic swingers’ festival

If there’s a very important factor I am sure about Swingfields, the self-proclaimed first and biggest UNITED KINGDOM event for swingers, it’s that nobody discusses Swingfields

It’s somewhat like beautiful Fight pub.

The celebration is definitely conducted on private area as well as the location is merely sent to citation members via a safe link.

Its invite-only, and accessible only to those actively involved with ‘the life’ – the definition used for people who have available and consensual people intercourse with the companion.

Media and news are generally blocked, and people who attended is prohibited while using their particular phones as well as the carpark.

Such secrecy might appear excessive however it’s easy to understand – necessary, consistent – because of the festival’s history.

A year ago, undercover correspondents infiltrated Swingfields wanting shoot salacious antics on film.

‘They comprise longing for a large orgy of people wanting capture both like nude caveman,’ states co-founder Mike (they are reluctant to provide his 2nd term).

They arrived at a distance with anything. But there are disturbance issues from apparently disgruntled villagers and bad attention forced the volunteer-run procedures team to deactivate 2017’s festival.

In 2018, however, Swingfields is back and will generally be big, better and most probably swingier than ever before, with glamping, a hot ‘chill sector’ and luxury features.

So what may real truth behind the UK’s most remarked about swingers celebration? Continue reading