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A Little Manners Tutorial: A Primer for that Well-intentioned Lesbian

As a femme, I’m acquainted with lesbians querying me with unacceptable assumptions disguised as issues:

“Are you YES you’re a lesbian? “You’re bisexual aren’t you?” “I’ve never ever found a lesbian that appears like you-Are one SURE you’re a lesbian?”

While I enjoy their own raised eyebrows and admissions of big surprise, i eventually got to thought: just where DO lesbians flip for suggestions about ideas on how to behave in social situations? Who DO all of us inquire about strategy to participate the pretty woman during the restroom range or strategy to flirt at pride activities?

While Dr. Frankie does a superb work with her consult Dr. Frankie videos television series, I recently skilled two, additionally awkward, societal lesbian connections that I’m certain a lot of femmes have suffered, and therefore are looking for some big lesbian rules guidelines.

Etiquette strategy # 1: It’s None of your own company If I’m a Lesbian

The case: It’s an elegant function for a Gay & Lesbian movies celebration and everybody is actually dressed up in their unique celebration well, getting a pleased old time. The festival volunteers draws my eyes and in addition we beginning communicating. Most of us immediately realize we’ve came across before (at a lesbian rate going out with occasion) and now we begin mentioning videos, person, food and doing all of the behaviors Dr. Frankie advises usa to: Most people generate visual communication, most people laugh each and every additional and we start lightweight talk…..

Any time suddenly, the unpaid requests, “Are you gay?!” we increase my favorite eyebrows and gape at them wordlessly. “Did a person really just question me personally that?!” She smiles awkwardly…. “perfectly, *are* your?”

First and foremost, it’s genuinely nothing of the woman sales just what my personal identity is actually. Continue reading