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Obtain Information. The Honorable Don YoungUnited States Home of Representatives

Hello, Commissioner Monegan:

From the off opportunity that you definitely have not yet gotten my email for you (duplicated straight below) dated June 18, 2008; please review it, and write an answer.

In the beginning and 2nd look, it will appear that your particular division is reluctant to cooperate. Why would that be? i am rather confused regarding the not enough reaction it is remarkably similar to so many others who are strangely silent when I asked them direct questions from you or your staff. I do not have confidence in coincidences, in general. Being a tuned expert, you probably don’t think in them either. We accustomed have a high regard of ast, through to the terms and actions of my sibling, previous Trooper Anna Sanders, demolished that respect. Now my skeptical eyebrows are raised; as though numerous occasions and actions might be interlinked. I am looking towards having your actions renew my faith in AST.

I’ll be on the highway marketing my tale in Washington, DC a few weeks. It might be my pleasure to highlight the Alaska Department of Public protection to be cooperative, and prepared to either reopen, or even resume inquires in to the murder of Cindy Elrod. There are numerous other incidences and activities that ADPS should oftimes be investigating and are chronicled within my story “Frozen Fiefdom” but we maybe not yet specific that is doing the address ups, and whom really did the crimes. Continue reading