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Is It Worth Attempting To Date As A 41-Year-Old Solitary Mother?

10, 2015 Updated July 30, 2016 january

My online dating profile. And thus it beckons.

I obtained divorced whenever I ended up being simply 40. We state “just” because We don’t think I’m old. And I’m maybe not. But I’m not young either, which as a woman that is single often makes me feel just like we reside in a divorced no man’s land—literally. By no man, however, I don’t suggest there aren’t any males. Jesus understands there are many. However it appears there are not any males who desire me personally, during the stage I’m in, with my three children, a homely household, and a pet, and, most of all, without any daddy for my kiddies residing nearby to fairly share into the parenting obligation (my ex-husband lives 8,000 kilometers away). It’s a nut that is tough split and never a perfect image for anybody, least of most me personally. Continue reading