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After you have discovered just exactly what seems like a fascinating internet site with a range of main sources, what exactly is your following action?

Well, numerous historians will appear critically at where in actuality the information arises from. They would like to be certain that the sources they usually have found e.g. scanned images, are reliable and express a detailed depiction associated with the initial document. Determining the beginning or supply of something is known as determining the “provenance.” The community of American Archivists describes provenance whilst the “information about the origins, custody, and ownership of a product or collection.” 1

As being a pupil whom are needed to evaluate a full-text main source online, just just just how might you choose to go about determining the high quality and dependability of the main supply site? Making use of the criteria presented below can really help you gauge the value associated with the sources you’ve got discovered.

Authority or that is accountable for the web site?

Whenever applying this criteria to primary sources accessed on line, it is essential to bear in mind you may be assessing anyone or company accountable for producing the web site as opposed to the creator for the initial source that is primary.

Matter Authority: Search For Obligation

Seek out the true title of this specific or company in charge of the page. Try to find the information that is following

“About” website link — can there be an “about,” “background,” or “FAQ” link that names the in-patient or organization in charge of these records? Continue reading