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Certainly one of our students, Katie shares her experience at a Moroccan wedding that she went to together with her host family members

”What to wear to a Moroccan wedding: conventional Moroccan gown; little, trendy bag and makeup (I wore a red Moroccan gown and sparkly, red lipstick- I experienced no bag).

Where it absolutely was held: a hotel that is fancy Casablanca! Once you enter the area where in actuality the wedding is held, you set base in a corridor, what your location is greeted by many people guys (on both edges) using red robes and caps. They played different instruments like the taarija, flutes, and a truly long instrument that is trumpet-looking. To start with I ended up being overrun as everybody else watches eachother intently whilst the music plays loudly when you look at the back ground. Then you locate a chair, no name cards required, which fit 10-16 at a dining table. The seats had been therefore comfortable, topped by having a fluffy pillow and each dining dining table had a flower bouquet centerpiece. Everybody had a collection of 3 really fancy plates, a shiny wine cup, 2 forks (big and little), 2 knives (big and tiny) and another spoon. Each dining table additionally had some candles and 2-3 containers of carbonated water.

The marriage: individuals presented a glassy, gem-filled carriage that I later discovered could be carried by 4 males. Next guys in white robes and red caps created a course for the wedding couple to walk along although the musicians used behind th couple and played music. The guys within the white robes joined up with arms together to disguise the bride while she had been seated when you look at the carriage and then scooped up into the atmosphere, each part regarding the carriage being supported from the men’s arms. Continue reading