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by Aja Dorsey Jackson

Maybe it is simply me personally nonetheless it appears that the true wide range of male professionals on why ladies are unsuccessful in relationships is increasing rapidly. On any offered time I’m able to switch on the radio, walk through a novel shop or even cut regarding the tv and discover or hear one thing such as “ladies for this reason you can’t get/keep a man” written or talked by a person that has somehow tapped into every part of the feminine brain. I understand lots of women who follow these tips consistently, using records and putting it on for their very own relationships (or relationship activities).

As a person who is definitely available to brand new information and helpful advice, i’ve no issue with hearing various communications, whether or otherwise not I concur with the content. But i really do have a nagging problem because of the wide range of males whom now feel qualified to tell ladies that the partnership “problem” is somehow all our issue. My biggest problem is this:

Then wouldn’t it be fair to assume that men are having just as much relationship success (or lack thereof) as women if the failed relationships that we are discussing are between men and women, and if women are dealing with these bad relationships on a regular basis? It can take two to construct a relationship that is healthy, more often than not, it will require two to tear it aside. Continue reading